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Information provided in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 - “PRIVACY CODE” In accordance with Art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003, notice is hereby given that Trogmann Silke processes the personal information of clients (exhibitors and visitors), suppliers, and subjects (potential exhibitors and/or visitors) who voluntarily communicate (by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail) their personal information to our offices, as well as the information of subjects whose information has been collected by third parties on the occasion of, for example, operations of the acquisition of external information for commercial information, public directories, etc., in the latter case dealing exclusively with personal information of a general nature. Trogmann Silke guarantees that within the scope of legal provisions, the treatment of personal information shall take place in respect of fundamental rights and freedoms as well as in respect of the dignity of the interested person, with particular reference to confidentiality, to personal identity, and to the right of the protection of personal information. Purposes of processing: * the fulfillment of obligations under law, from regulations, under EU standards, under civil and fiscal regulations * the fulfillment of possible contractual obligations with regard to the interested party * the carrying out of activities connected with the economic activity of our company, such as the filling out of internal registries and statistics for billing and the keeping of client-supplier accounting * purposes of a commercial nature, such as the sending of business information and publicity materials (by mail, fax, and e-mail), marketing information, and market research * the protection of credits and the managements of debits * insurance purposes, in particular for the insurance of credits In relation to the aforementioned purposes, the personal information processed by us shall be transmitted, if necessary: * to public services and authorities, where provided by law * to credit institutions with which the Trogmann Silke has relationships for the management of credits/debits and financial brokerage * to all those physical and/or legal persons, public and/or private (legal offices, administrative and fiscal authorities, judicial offices, chambers of commerce, etc.), when the communication shall be necessary or functional to the carrying out of the activities of the Trogmann Silke and in the manners and for the purposes listed above Only in relation to the general personal information of exhibitors: * this information may be communicated by the Trogmann Silke to publishing companies for the purpose of publishing the information under discussion * this information shall be published by the Trogmann Silke in the official catalog of the relative event being referenced * this information shall be published by the Trogmann Silke on the Internet site of the relative event being referenced The remaining personal information processed by the Trogmann Silke shall not be subject to dissemination. The processing of information may take place with or without the assistance of means that are electronic or otherwise automated and shall include all of the operations provided for by Art. 4, paragraph 1, section a of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 that are necessary for the processing in question. In any case, the processing shall be carried out under observance of every precautionary measure that shall guarantee security and confidentiality. Rights of the interested party The Italian Privacy Code confers upon the interested parties the exercise of specific rights under with Art. 7. In particular, the interested party may obtain from the holder the confirmation of the existence or lack thereof of the personal information that concerns him or her and may obtain its communication in an intelligible form. The interested party may also request to know the origin of the information, the purposes and methods of the processing, the logic applied in the case of processing carried out with the assistance of electronic tools, and the revelation of the details of the identification of the holder, of the designated person in charge, and of the subjects and categories of subjects to whom the information could be communicated or who could become aware of the information. The interested party shall have the right to obtain the updating, correction, integration, deletion, the anonymous transformation, or the freeze of information in violation of the law. The interested party shall have the right to oppose for legitimate reasons, either in whole or in part, the processing of personal information that concerns him or her, even if it pertains to the purpose of the collection, and shall have the right to oppose without any reason the processing of personal information that has to do with purposes for the sending of publicity materials or direct sales or for the carrying out of market research or commercial communication. The rights under discussion may be exercised, including but not limited to by means of an appointee, by means of a request directed to the designated person in charge listed below by means of registered letter or e-mail.

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